Infinite Learners

Infinite learners are those who not only enjoy learning but feel a constant need to acquire new skills.

Contrast this with lifelong learners who have an on-going and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. The nuance is the acquiring of new skills.

Another subtle, but important difference is how we continue to build and leverage those new skills.

The first opportunity is the using idea of meta learning and thinking about what skills you want to learn. Then start today. The next step is to help others identify which skills (or combination of skills) they need or want.

When thinking about healthcare, gaps of knowledge is a frequent area you focus on when creating courses. This is only one layer – the knowledge piece. Another important layer is what skill sets are required to create the changes need to close the gap. What if we spent more time on building these skills?

How can you inspire and engage learners to become infinite learners?

Read more about this topic, infinite learners, in a short post from Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn.

Photo by David Travis on Unsplash

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