Whether you’re a Nurse, Pharmacist, Doctor, or another healthcare professional, education is a significant part of our lives.

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How We Do Things

Given the current crisis and challenges we are all facing today and the weeks to come, it is inevitable that we will have difficult conversations. Conversations with co-workers who are acclimating to remote work, conversations with groups of people who are not respecting social distancing, and conversations between and among healthcare professionals. It is understood … Continue reading How We Do Things


Posture is a very interesting topic. It is how we hold ourselves, physically and mentally/emotionally. It clearly applies to our physical body – being upright and awesome as a good friend used to say. Coincidentally, how you’re carrying your body also suggests how you are feeling emotionally. Confident, arrogant, distracted, depressed, etc. These characteristics are … Continue reading Posture


There are many days when you get distracted. Other days, you’re in flow. Interestingly, the moment of “Squirrel” is something like Shrödinger’s cat. That specific moment could simultaneously be a distraction or an inspiration. Only by seeing what happens next will you know which one it is. While this is a loose extrapolation it does … Continue reading Squirrel

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