Whether you’re a Nurse, Pharmacist, Doctor, or another healthcare professional, education is a significant part of our lives.

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98,000 scripts a year. That’s a rough estimate for how many prescriptions a community pharmacist checks in a “busy” store. 400 scripts a day; 2,000 a week; 98K a year (with vacations). How many heart rates and blood pressures does a Nurse check in a day? We are good at something because of experience and … Continue reading Repetition


A good mix with the idea of infinite learners is how we learn. One such strategy is ultralearning. A new book from Scott H. Young, titled Ultralearning is available now and discusses key concepts for how we can learn new ideas quicker. Here are a few of the key principles: Design your project well – … Continue reading Ultralearning

Infinite Learners

Infinite learners are those who not only enjoy learning but feel a constant need to acquire new skills. Contrast this with lifelong learners who have an on-going and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge. The nuance is the acquiring of new skills. Another subtle, but important difference is how we continue to build and leverage those new … Continue reading Infinite Learners

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