Rate Limiting Step Series: Part 2 – Mandatory Education

Here is the second part on rate limiting steps in continuing education (CE). The first post covered thoughts on didactic lectures.

Mandatory education is the focus here. It is another aspect of CE that can limit engagement. Often the perspective is “we have to do this education” – and that’s where the limit comes in.

Most of us resist being told what to do. If we feel we have to complete education we run into procrastination and resistance.

It’s a slightly different vantage point compared to what an education provider does to create a program. This program can have great speakers, be at a great venue, and an attendee can still be unhappy. The small shift in this case is from the learner’s perspective.

Here is a key shift on how you can approach this:

Model a new posture by focusing on getting to do what you do instead of having to do it.

Sharing the idea of saying “I get to” instead of “I have to” is a small shift that can change our mindset.

We know CE will continue to be mandatory for many healthcare professionals, as it should be. Adding this reframe helps provide agency to our choices. By modeling the posture you can empower other professionals to do the same.

Photo by jcob nasyr on Unsplash

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